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The ForSci Associates DNA Training Program

Prerequisites for Participation

    • Individuals must possess reasonable proficiency in spoken and written English. Image Copyright ForSci Associates 2011
    • A strong scientific background with sufficient course work in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics and mathematics is also required. 
    • At a minimum, individuals must meet the requirements of the FBI QA/QC Standards of October 1, 1998. 
    • The Institute for Forensic Genetics laboratory maintains a QA/QC manual which details the minimum qualifications of each analyst, which includes:
      • Completion at the undergraduate level, one year each of general and organic chemistry with a lab; one year each of biology (including genetics) and physics with a lab; one course in calculus and one course in statistics for science majors.
    • This training program will last a minimum of six (6) months from the start date.
      • Student learning objectives and progress will be outlined in a set of tabular charts provided by the course instructor. The course length and intensity is tailored to the size, needs, and progress of the group as determined by the instructor. The progress of each student through the entire training program will be fully documented in order to certify each analyst’s competency level.



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